Thursday 28 June 2012

missing in action?

I have been busy this past week. My mum arrived on Friday 22 June to stay with us for a few days.
2012-05-12 mum
On the Saturday we visited my brother and his family.
2012-06-23 Jack and Zoe
On the Sunday WM and I celebrated Younger Grandson’s first birthday with mum, MIL, DD, SIL, Older Grandson, Younger Grandson, DD’s bestie (the boys' godmother) and SIL’s two sisters.
2012-06-24 Daniel opens presents w Bridget and Erin
Younger Grandson opening presents with his daddy and daddy's two sisters
On Monday I went to my sewing class (mum stayed at home and enjoyed the peace and quiet), then took mum shopping in the afternoon.

Tuesday was Younger Grandson’s birthday so we had DD and the Grandboys here all day. SIL joined us for dinner.
2012-06-26 disaster zone
the grandsons have arrived!
Wednesday was mum’s last day with us so DD and the Grandboys visited again.
2012-06-24 Ben and plane
We stayed up late on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights watching the tennis. WM and I don’t have pay TV so we can only watch the tennis while it’s on from 8:30pm. I taped Lleyton Hewitt’s game on Tuesday night and we watched it on Wednesday morning before the family arrived. The Australian tennis players didn’t do very well this year; all but one was out in the first round, and Sam Stosur, who won the US Open, was defeated in the second round. Very disappointing.

Meanwhile, I have been knitting. I finished mum’s socks but she wouldn’t model them for me. Sad smile
She only tried on one but she says it fitted perfectly!

I have also been knitting on the other one of these.
2011 soft blue socks
And this morning I cast on a cowl to knit while on the train, taking mum to Strathfield station to catch her Countrylink train. I plan to get it finished while watching the tennis tonight. It’s hard to concentrate on turning a heel while watching tennis so the socks will have to be a non-television activity, at least until the heel is done.


  1. It sounds like you have been right where you needed to be.

  2. Lots and lots of wonderful family moments and memories - wonderful

  3. You have a beautiful family. Nothing is more important than sharing time with family and friends and creating happy memories.

  4. Looks like a very busy week. Happy belated birthday to both grandboys!

  5. Glad you enjoyed family time-what a beautiful family you have, too!


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