Wednesday 23 May 2012

happy mail day

Yesterday an unexpected parcel arrived in the post. I was very curious when I recognised the name of the sender; why was I receiving a parcel from her? I hadn't entered any "soft and smooshy" give-away that I could remember.

Had she decided to contribute to the donations for Australian Inland Mission (one of the April Charities of the Month over at Knit4Charities)? That didn’t seem likely so I hurriedly opened the packet and read the enclosed letter.

Here’s what I received:
2012 from Anorina
Thanks, Anorina, I love it – all the more because it was totally unexpected!

It’s almost too pretty to stick pins in!
2012 from Anorina close up


  1. A beautiful and thoughtful gift - lucky you

  2. Wow! You've been zapped. (I used to leave unexpected gifts for people then sit back and watch them smile. I called it "zapping").

  3. Lovely indeed! Just a very thoughtful blog friend!

  4. Very pretty! What a wonderful gift to find in the mail.

  5. Nothing like sweet surprises in the mail.


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