Monday 5 December 2011

update on Younger Grandson

More tests were carried out today, including one for epilepsy. All tests were normal s no cause has been found for Younger Grandson's episode on Saturday.

DD and Younger Grandson are now at home.

More tests are to be conducted in the near future and Younger Grandson has to revisit the local hospital in February for a follow.

And to cap off a dreadful ten days, yesterday, Older Grandson (aged 21 months) fell flat on his face on the neighbours' steep driveway and broke a tooth!

I've had enough!


  1. Oh no! Poor little man! Sometimes life is really, really tough isn't it. I'm so happy for you that you have the other one's test results back so quickly, and the doctors have excluded a diagnosis of epilepsy. Hurrah! I think you need some "me" time now after that worrying weekend.

  2. Oh, no! Are you feeling like Job?! We measure years by the ER event with our boys, unfortunately, it goes hand and hand with boys! This is good news not to find anything abnormal like epilepsy. Go and knit for a day and relax!

  3. Oh my, that is a load to carry.

    Father in heaven hold my far away friend close; give wisdom to the doctors and dentists; and health to her family. Remind them that you have everything under controll. Amen

    Wishing I could make you a cup of tea.

  4. Oh dear, Lynne. It never rains but it pours as the saying goes. Given our weather at the moment that's a fitting analogy. As another commenter said, it goes with having boys. I had three and saw life in the ER far too often.

    I'm really pleased that epilepsy has been ruled out. Very good news indeed and good reason to be thankful.

    Can you go for a picnic in the park or similar, just to be different?

  5. You have had a worrying time. Glad to see the little one's tests are normal. Sometimes odd things just happen. It is scary how small children fall flat on their faces. We have tiles on the floor and my two always seemed to bounce off their foreheads rather than their noses or teeth.

  6. Hope that things smooth over quickly.

  7. Oh my goodness Lynne! This sounds very scary, I do hope everyone is ok. Medical tests are scary at the best of times, it is scary with young kids, both because they can't talk, and because you would do anything not to stress them, especially when they are sick.

    Big hugs to the whole family.

  8. So happy to hear the news on younger grandson, that must be such a relief. As for older Grandson, much sympathy from me to you on broken teeth. We've lived with damaged teeth in number 2 sons mouth since he was 18 months old. Now he's 6 they are starting to fall out and I think we'll all be pleased when they are gone!
    Good luck with the damage not being too severe.


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