Monday, 14 November 2011

that was the weekend that was

On Saturday evening, I was reading and commenting on the some of the many blogs on my reading list when my computer froze!

I rebooted it and got an error message - "looking for a driver" - before it froze again.

I rebooted and found a new symbol (icon?) on my computer - right where the strength of Internet connection is usually shown. I clicked on this strange new symbol. "No connection available."

WM and DD looked at the computer but there was nothing for it. I turned the computer off and used WM's slower, older computer to finish reading the blogs I was reading.

Today my tower went to the computer shop. Some kind of new card was put in it. And now I have connection to the Internet again! Hurrah!

DD and I were out on Saturday. When we came home we did some quilting on the "new" frame. The Brother machine works best with the top and bobbin threaded with Gutermann cotton thread; cheaper threads and Gutermann polyester break!

All practice so far has been done on calico (which is called "muslin" in the USA I believe) top and back with no batting.

We didn't get any pantographs with the quilting frame so we created our own.

Here are my attempts to follow the laser light accurately (not too bad for a complete novice!)
The lack of symmetry is exactly how I drew it!

I enjoyed doing this one the most!
On Saturday, DD and I went to the Glenbrook Spring Fair. We looked around the fair in the morning, had some lunch and volunteered our time (and Younger Grandson for added cuteness) at the stall being held to raise money for Caring Hearts Community Quilting Group. There were five of us volunteering. In three hours we sold less than $100 worth of goods - between us! I certainly hope the team that volunteered for the morning sold more!

DD was very disappointed; not one of the wheat bags we had made and donated was sold. The coasters she had so carefully made were also unsold at the end of the day.

So, a frustrating weekend but, as is often the case, it had some wonderful moments. I leave you with a picture (taken in Glenbrook) that can't help but make you go "awwww!"

Younger Grandson aged 20 weeks
We make 'em cute in our family!! LOL


  1. Hi Lynne, it sounds like both progress and frustration. A shame not much was sold.

    My Husqvarna has only ever used Gutermann or Molyneux. Anything else tangles and snaps. Like you, I learnt the hard way back when it was new in 1994. Took me awhile then to work out the problem.

  2. Arghh computer problems, you have my sympathy. The grandson is completely gorgeous you must have such fun kissing those little cheeks!

  3. Hey there, I am sorry for your not so great fair experience. I've had that happen to me. I know how dissapointing it can be. Your quilting with the frame is looking better every time!

  4. you are making great progress! love the loopy Ls!

  5. bummer on the computer but at least it was an easy fix and i trust not too painful price wise!

    Great advances on the quilting-are you using a number 100 topstitch quilting needle=the least amount of skipping with that needle when you move to 'real' quilts (backing, batting and top layers)

    You are right-your grandson steals the show!

  6. Your quilting is looking better and better. Congrats!

    And your family does make pretty babies.

  7. Great progress on the quilting!

    Don't fret. Craft show sales are so fickle. So many variables. That's why I don't do them anymore.

  8. How tall are the designs that you quilted? They look quite large.

  9. The stitching looks great! Must be so much fun to practice. I'm sorry about the selling - I know how that feels =/

  10. Younger grandson is very cute. Have fun with quilting. I don't buy pantographs, but also make my own once in a while. Mostly I do freehand. That's not so hard. Feathers and curvy things are easy.

  11. A lot of frustration but also a fair bit of progress. What a cute photo!


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