Saturday 5 November 2011


The quilting frame is ready to go.

I have purchased ten metres of 120cm wide calico to practise on.


...the quilting frame is set up at half size and the velcro leaders are full length. We could and will make new shorter leaders but right now we just want to have a go! Now WM must dismantle and rebuild the frame because he has no idea which end to extend!

... the instructional DVD won't play right through even though we have had it professionally cleaned. Before cleaning we got about 17 minutes of viewing from the 50 minute DVD, after cleaning we got thirty minutes.

... there is no way to connect the sewing machine I was sold to the quilting frame - the plugs are completely different. Since I bought them (as a package) on Ebay I have no recourse. We called the local dealer - he can sell us an adapter -- for $799!

To say DD and I are frustrated is to understate the obvious!


  1. Hang in there. I spent hours and hours getting everything set up the first time. I was sweating and swearing and wondering if it was ever going to work. Once I figured it out though it was never that hard again.

  2. No fun at all! Hope you can get it all worked soon.

  3. Sometimes there are ripples, sometimes tsunamis ! I would just make the fabric attach to the poles with duck tape for now-it is just practice , right? That problem is solved. You do not need to attach your batting or top to any pole-most frame quilters just float them meaning they attach the backting to the take up roller and the front roller and wind them on like a scroll and then just lay the batting on top, smoothed out and floating free-lay your practice piece on top-square it up and smooth it out,too , and then begin to quilt! Now for the adapter-I do not know what you mean by attach the machine to the frame-doesn't it just sit there and the machine just plugs into your outlet as usual-you need to leave the cords to hang free for movement but I do not attach any cord to my frame. Hmmmm, sorry you are frustrated-pleasure is so close!

  4. Grrrrrr. I hate that. Best to step away for a moment or two.

    Maybe blog land can help figure it out if you post some pictures.

  5. OH No! that is terrible. I hope you can figure something out.

  6. Oh no! :( I hope everything works out! That's horrible about the plugs, too... keep us updated.

  7. Ugh! How frustrating! Hope you can get it figured out soon so you can be on your way.

  8. I am so sorry! After an exciting purchase like this, you don't want to be frustrated. Keep your head up and maybe give it another go after a nice cup of tea.


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