Saturday 15 October 2011

a warning to my knitting friends

We all know acrylic is a bi-product of the petroleum industry; that is: a form of spun and plied plastic. It melts when heated and become brittle when frozen.

And insects don't eat plastic, right?

Well then, can anyone explain these?

Which came from this?

The only explanation we can come up with is that Younger Grandson threw up on my knitting (which was packed away in a bag near where DD was feeding). DD cleaned it up but left a protein residue which was attractive to whatever chewing insect did this!

Moral of the story - make sure you wash you hands after handling food or other protein products (including some hand creams). If you spill something on your knitting, fix the stitches somehow and properly wash the knitting.

Otherwise you might find yourself ripping out hours of work (in my case 96 rows -- 18,720 stitches!)


  1. Uh, oh!!!
    Yes, I have heard that moths are attracted to the 'dirt' in our yarns-miserable lesson for us all.

    Have you ever tried needle weaving so that you do not have to rip this out-use a length of yarn and do a duplicate stitch area to fix the hole . Worth a try!

  2. insects are a nightmare. Thankfully I've not endured much trauma but I've seen it happen for others again and again. Ugh. Hideous.

  3. Oh! NO! that is terrible. Your new beginning looks good though.


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