Thursday 27 October 2011

string blocks in a quilt

Jan Mac, of Oz Comfort Quilts, has been very busy. Do you know that she has donated over 480 quilts so far this year? That's an amazing achievement and she deserves support and congratulations.

DD and I sent twenty-five string blocks a couple of weeks ago. Before we sent them, I forgot to take photos. Jan has now used some of them in two quilts and our blocks are playing nicely with the others.

Once again I have borrowed the photo from Jan's blog. If you imagine the quilts as a grid with the columns labelled A-E (from left to right), and the rows labelled 1-7 (from top to bottom), I will point out which blocks are ours!

A1, D1
A2, C2, E2
A4, D4

Now that you know what our blocks look like, you can see the second quilt on Jan's blog and find ours for yourself! LOL

And, let me finish with a quote from this post by Bonnie Hunter which is a great reminder to those of us who strive too hard for perfection:

Hand crafted does not, will not ever mean PERFECTION. The pursuit of excellence is worthy, the pursuit of perfection is INSANE. IMPOSSIBLE…..


  1. Hi Lynne! Thank you for your kind words today. It does feel good to get some Christmas things done. I am also in the process of knitting a layette for a friend who is having a Christmas baby. I seem to bounce back and forth between quilting and knitting. It sounds like maybe you do too! :) Blessings!

  2. Good quote. Aim to/be the best you can but is it worth being "perfect" in an imperfect world

  3. Great job on the quilt blocks-I love the quote-good intentions would warm no one! Glad you took part in this adventure!

  4. oh my goodness. SO MANY QUILTS!


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