Wednesday, 26 October 2011

eek! a steek!

Last Saturday, the Blue Mountains group of the Knitters' Guild of NSW held a steeking workshop. DD and I arrived very late but I caught the end of the workshop. Our guest tutor, Mary-Helen, was very gracious and showed me how to steek the tube I had prepared in advance.

Step 1
Knit your garment (or, in this case, a small tube 10cm - 4" - high)

Step 2
Using a hook a couple of sizes smaller than the needles used to knit the item and a contrasting yarn, crochet a column of stitches three stitches away from where the steek will be -- on both sides of the steek.

Step 3
Take a deep breath and remember to keep breathing! Cut the column of stitches along your steeking line.
It's all very well to be "gung-ho" about cutting a sample tube. I'm sure it would be quite a different matter to cut into a garment on which one had worked for many hours!

But at least I know how to do it and that can only be a good thing!


  1. Brava! It is scary, cutting into the knitting, but so satisfying when it works!

  2. Good work, I'd be a bit worried about destroying all of that hard work. Great technique though.

  3. Excellent tutorial-I have a steek in the project I will be knitting for Christmas this year- a stranded colorwork vest for my daughter!

  4. Amazing idea. What sort of item is it usually used in?

  5. I am not a knitter but I find this very fascinating. Cool design.

  6. Ah steeking, that's a skill I really need to learn! Your photos make it look easy, but still a bit nerve-wracking.

    Did you have to use a fairly 'sticky' yarn?


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