Tuesday 6 September 2011

What will I do with these?

Last Thursday, at the monthly meeting of Caring Hearts Community Quilting group, I was given 27 x 9 inch random disappearing nine-patch blocks and asked to "do something with them".

The fabrics are truly random: there are florals, paisleys, solids, novelty prints, Japanese writing and plaids (to name a few). Despite what my photo shows you, there is no colour consistency between the blocks either!

I do not seem to have the four pieces that made the original nine patch.

I have some blocks that have matching fabrics, mostly the small square. I have two blocks that have matching large squares, and two blocks that have the same fabric in the large square of one and one of the rectangles on the other!

Right now, I am considering separating the blocks into those that contain black in the background fabric, and those that do not. I was going to sort them into colour groups but some of the blocks were too random even for that!

Since there are twenty-seven blocks, I guess I will have to make a few more (to make thirty perhaps?)

I have looked around the 'Net for some inspiration and found these:

Sarah Loves Fabric (scroll down)
Gypsy Hill (scroll down to the EQ layout)
Grandma Barbara (no tutorial so I'd have to wing it using another tutorial!)

Any other suggestions?


  1. If you look at First Quilt Ever (over athttp://obsessivelystitching.blogspot.com/2010/04/first-quilt-ever.html) she uses a disappearing nine patch. If this makes sense, try to think about it in pinwheels...if you look at the turquoise one on my craftiness bit on flickr (shimmyblisster) it will show you more what I mean...you can see the pinwheel effect on that one.

  2. You know, if you keep managing to do something with all of the odd blocks they give you, they're going to keep giving them to you LOL!

  3. I'd be inclined to add a sashing that brings it all together.

  4. I don't know anything about quilting, but I have seen lots of crochet (and knit) blankets that unite seemingly mismatched coloured squares (or circles, hexagons etc) by using a common border or frame around each - usually White is the most effective frame. That's what I wou.ld suggest. Frame them each in White (or possibly pale grey) and join. Kind of a combination between the first batik one and the second one you've linked to.

  5. I like the mismatched look. I think it suits the block. :) I would also agree that sashing might bring it all together though - maybe white?

  6. I like the Gypsy Hill arrangement because you at least need a pattern for all that random color-it will look good when you lay it all out.

  7. I really like the layout from Gypsy Hill. The nice thing about adding a common sashing color is that it ties all the different blocks together and makes the quilt read that color. What a fun problem to have. Enjoy your blocks.

  8. i'm not sure i'd be happy about being given some blocks that don't match and being forced to make something out of them. I hope you go ok - it seems a bit of an imposition!


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