Monday, 5 September 2011

I've been doing some light reading

A couple of months ago, I won these three novels in a give-away on Cindy's Fluffy Sheep Quilting blog.

It took a while from them to arrive from Ireland but they got here safely.

They are detective stories set in a small town in New York. The central characters are the quilting circle at Someday Quilts; specifically the owner of the shop, Eleanor, and her adult grand-daughter, Nell.

I have finished the first of the three books. I couldn't put it down so finished it in just a few hours. The ending was a surprise to me - I certainly didn't see it coming.

Those who read the post on my TV viewing habits will know that I am a fan of detective/crime shows.

This book is a combination of detective story woven around Nell's quilting journey - what's not to love? LOL


  1. Those sound like interesting books! Especially since they made the trip from Ireland. I love to read but haven't gotten much of a chance lately. My only time to read is after the kids go to bed and I pretty much fall asleep as soon as I try. Maybe I'll get back into it when they are a little older.

  2. Those are wonderful stories!

    You should also try the Benni Harper mysteries by Earlene Fowler.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful read-enjoy! (I have been walloped by sickness and am behind on posts-sorry!)


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