Saturday 20 August 2011

a knitted item!

Today is the monthly meeting of the Blue Mountains group of the Knitters' Guild of NSW and I am tutoring a workshop in no-sew grafting.

So I thought it would be a good idea to show some knitting!

Here is my baby wrap for Angels for the Forgotten. I started it in "feather and fan" (also known as "old shale") but I got bored so switched over to garter stitch.

It's interesting that the ball I started with on the left pooled but the ball which started the right side striped! Ah, the surprise of knitting with variegated yarns!

I knitted it in two pieces so the curves went the same way on both ends.

I thought the straight edges looked bland so I knitted two borders of feather and fan and grafted them on with no sewing - I used the method I will demonstrate in today's workshop. This is the same method I used to graft all 128 pieces of the Pinwheel Blanket.

I know there's a line across the middle (which hopefully is not too apparent to you). It happened because I grafted the wrong side with the right side so I have made a stocking stitch row where there should be a garter stitch row. I didn't notice it until I had grafted on the first side border. By then I had grafted 656 stitches so was reluctant to undo it and fix it.

Yes, I agree, it's not perfect but it doesn't affect the usability of the item and the baby won't care. In the end I decided that there was potential for disaster in trying to rip out the grafting and that my time is worth more than one line across a blanket. I could fake one in the other direction, but what would be the point?


  1. Lynne it is beautiful! I know nothing about knitting, so it's like you were speaking another language, but your blanket really is beautiful!

  2. It's a beautiful blanket. Some lucky baby will enjoy using it.

  3. looks good to me

  4. It turned out very nice! I like the way variegated responds-a wonderful surprise! I would have left the graft, too-

  5. Gorgeous! Can't see the line :)

  6. It's gorgeous Lynne. Very pretty colour :)

  7. it's pretty and I'm sure it'll be loved and warm.


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