Monday 4 July 2011

this flannel followed me home!

Older Grandson (OG - formerly known as GS#1) is too big for the change table at our place so he gets changed either on a bed or on the floor. To protect the bed coverings (which will include a new quilt soon) and the carpet, I want to make a change mat (or two).

I bought these two metre (80 inches) lengths of fabric on Saturday.

I was going to use two of them but now I've decided to use four of them and make reversible mats.

Can you guess which ones I will use together? (I've given you close up shots so you can see them better; the pairings are random, not my choices of fabrics to put together).

This one is Grandad's favourite!


  1. I'm always on the lookout for flannel like that, was it from Sp*tlight or L*ncraft? Might have to go find me some......

    Colour matches: The spacemen backed by the red with white stars or the purple with white stars. The rainbow stripe backed with the green with coloured stars.

  2. Hm... purple stars with rainbow stripes, and red stars with the spacemen? Cute fabrics!

  3. Oh, so cuddly and cute! I vote for the fav print and the orange/red background with stars! (any combo will be a hit!)

  4. Inigo loves the green stars! Can you tell me where you bought them?


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