Sunday 3 July 2011

monogamous knitting - the pinwheel blanket

It is not rare for me to work on one project exclusively.

What is unusual is that, although I have wanted to cast on other projects, I have been completely faithful to this one.

So where am I up to?

I have finished knitting 78 of 112 units.

I have grafted 20 of those units into 5 blocks of the 28 blocks needed.

I have sewn in the ends that are in the centre of the grafted blocks.

Now I have to decide on a layout so I can work out what colours I need to use in the remaining units.

The end of July is rapidly approaching; can I do it?


  1. Of course you can! :) Looks great so far.

  2. what about a nine patch pattern? How is Jan going?

  3. No problem, monogamous will get it done! Will it help to tell you it is looking beautiful-really, it is.

  4. It's looking good and if it's the only thing you are knitting it probably will get done. Now if only you had an "end sewing in" fairy to help you out!

  5. You will definitely achieve your objective


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