Thursday, 9 June 2011

half square triangles
Part 2

Yesterday I shared the five ways that I learnt for making half square triangles. Today I would like to take you one step further - blocks made from half square triangles.

Two half square triangles make a square that looks like this:

According to Judy Hooworth and Margaret Rolfe in their book "Spectacular Scraps", there are 256 ways to put four half square triangle units together to make a four patch block. Now some of these are obviously variations of others (mirror images, turned 90 degrees, etc) but there is enough variety there for one to make nothing else but quilts with half square triangles for the rest of one's life! And imagine the possibilities if one combines different four patch blocks!
So, here are the five I tried out on the weekend. Turn some of them 90 degrees clockwise three times and you'll have even more blocks!  (All you have to do to see them is lean right, lean left and stand on your head!!) Bring a mirror up to your monitor and you'll get even more variety!

Each of these has been trimmed to 5 1/2 inches and they are all made from the triangles cut from the fourth method talked about yesterday. I know they all have traditional names so if you know what they are, could you please tell me?

I know this one as "pinwheel"
(this can be mirror imaged and have the blades spinning in the opposite direction)
Does this one have "basket" in the title?
turn this one ninety degrees three times - four different blocks!
turn this one ninety degrees - different block
turn this one ninety degrees - different block

I believe this is called "Flying Geese".
this one can be turned 90 degrees three times to make four different blocks
 If you've now finished your contortions, you will observe that was fourteen variations! LOL

Of course, it might be better not to use a directional fabric (like these birds) to make half square triangles - unless, of course, you don't mind the birds standing on their heads or laying on their backs or beaks! But the teacher asked for a sixteen inch square and this is all the fabric I had in that size and I could only manage 15 inches. (I have corrected that and now have the beginnings of a stash - but that's another post!)

And, because it was fun, here is a quarter square triangle block made from my half square triangles - a bit skewed but a perfect point!

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