Saturday 25 June 2011

an attempt at fabric shopping

While out and about on Thursday, I visited one of the two Big Box Stores.

Exclusively in Australia, Sp*tl*ght have the new range of Denyse Schmidt fabrics - "Picnics and Fairgrounds" - at $16.95 a metre; they had about twenty different fabrics at my local store. The quality was okay but I don't really like the range - not my thing at all. You can see a picture of the fabric line here at Red Pepper Quilts.

I was at the Big Box Store to buy some inexpnsive fabric to make another change mat for GS#1 - he is too big to use the change table and keeps rolling off the mat we have (it's way too small). But I couldn't find any fabrics that really excited me! He is not a baby anymore so "cutsie" just won't cut it and I'm already finding that nice "boy" fabrics are hard to get!

Fortunately, I am back at the Stitches and Craft Fair today so hopefully I'll get a chance to look at fabrics (as well as teach knitting and test drive machines).

two x 1.5 metres of polar fleece (148cm wide)
So, I left the Big Box Store with this polar fleece fabric to make some ponchos for a local group home for disabled adults. They wear the ponchos whilst sitting outside in their wheelchairs waiting to board the bus. At least I can blanket stitch these by hand - if I can find out how big the ponchos are supposed to be!

While waiting at the counter I saw a request for bags (either tote or drawstring minimum size 40cm x 40cm) and blankies (minimum size 70cm x 70cm) for Angels for the Forgotten.

Now if I just had a sewing machine I could make these things ... I guess I'll have to knit or crochet!


  1. You can find fabric at thrift stores, too. Do you have something like a Swap Sheet or Craig's List to look for boxes of fabric that work great for quilts and blankies! Your heart is big-God will lead you to a good stash for charity work-just ask Him!

  2. hope you managed to find a machine you liked today. You must be itching to get a new one now!


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