Monday, 7 February 2011

new look, same old writer

Is there anyone still out there?

I'm back.

Where have I been?

Well, the short answer is: last June I discovered an interest in family history. For Christmas I gave my mother a 76 page book detailing the ancestry of both her parents' families. I was able to find ancestors on my grandfather's side back to 1630!

All that research, checking, writing and editing the book took 40-50 hours a week for five and half months which, with work and family, didn't really give me much time for anything else. After all that time in front of the keyboard, I didn't want to do anything else computer related: no blog, no Ravelry, no reading other people's blogs!

I did find some time to knit but not anywhere near as much as in previous years. I obviously spent less time in front of the television and therefore had less knitting time.

Thank you to the people who got in contact with me via email. I appreciate your concern.

And now that the book is done and dusted? I am still working on family history but I have to be patient to get the results I am seeking now. There are other people involved not just the records of births, deaths and marriages (and other interesting records) and people don't work to my agenda!

In the meantime, my Ravely notebook has been updated and my blog has a whole new look.

Can I stay the distance? Only time will tell. :-)


  1. Welcome back :-)
    Glad all is well and that you have been busy. How is the grandbaby going?

  2. Welcome back, friend! Nice to read about your 'little' sabbatical but more so to have you return to blogging!

  3. Glad your back. Genealogy is addictive! But I so love it. I created a book for my Mother's 70th and hubby's Father's 70th last year. The research was done over 13 years but I had not printed anything off to share.
    I'm still working on it from time to time (doing it for a friend at the moment). And I still have my Dad's and hubby's Mother's to do. Hers will be HUGE as her lot have been in Australia from the start of English colonisation

  4. I'm not surprised you've had a break from the blog and ravelry etc, after doing so much work on the computer for your geneology project - what a lovely thing to do for your mum. Have you watched the tv show called Who Do You Think You Are? (on SBS) - its always really interesting watching celebrities trace their family history.

  5. oh there you are! Glad to see you back. Geanology is fascinating stuff. It's a big undertaking though, as you've found out!

  6. Welcome back! Genealogy is fascinating. Dad's side has been researched back to about 12th century and mum's into the 1600s. Lots of interesting reading there, some guesses and some facts.

    It's good to see you.

  7. Congratulations on recording the family history! So many people spend years researching but never put it all together as a book. Family historians are VIPS because they record all the personal history of individual Australians that would be otherwise lost.

  8. Was so surprised to see a post from you pop up in my reader. Welcome back!


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