Wednesday 5 May 2010

Quilting Adventures in Knitterland
side project (a.k.a. Project 1a) finished

It's taken from Easter till now (I make that about four weeks) for DD and I to get some time to complete this very simple project.

The quilting is not perfect. The bobbin thread is on the front due to the quilting going around the pairs of ducks on the backing fabric.

In some places the bobbin threads have tangled (but I'm not going to point them out in this close up).

However, GS#1 won't care while lying on it to have his nappies (diapers) changed; and DD and I are pleased enough with our first completed quilting project!


  1. GS#1 look very happy with the quilt...:)

  2. Congratulations! It only gets better from here on! You have chosen your colors perfectly and he will feel all the love!

  3. and what's happening with project 1b or shouldn't I ask ? :]

    one of my earliest projects was a change mat for DD - now 28 - in erkky browns, which was an unfortunate choice [ or maybe a brilliantly practical one - given its intended usage LOL

  4. A job well done congratulations to both you and DD.

  5. The rate that boy is growing, I'd suggest project 1b may have to be a bigger version! Those ducks are really cute.

  6. I think it looks fantastic! Not bad for a first project. Are you ure you two haven't done this before??

  7. I love it! It's a perfect changing pad :)

  8. Well Lynne, you've done better than I. I put the tops together then send them away to be quilted, LOL. Probably not the point of the whole exercise, but what the heck. Your grandson looks just darling there, and what great colours you chose to put together. A big high five to you!


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