Sunday 2 May 2010

beanies for bubs in gold and brown

My brother is a very keen supporter of the Hawthorn "Hawks" AFL club; has been most of his life. In December he saw me knitting a beanie, examined it and declared my skills good enough to knit a beanie for his yet unborn daughter - in Hawthorn colours of course.

Last weekend we visited DB, DSIL and five-week old Little Miss. She is so tiny - only 5lb 5oz at birth. Here's a photo of her from last weekend.

And here are the two beanies I designed and knitted for her being modelled by her oh-so-cute-and-not-so-tiny second cousin, aka GS#1. The first is knitted in soft acrylic - the only way I could get the bright gold colour.

The second is in Lincraft "Cosy Wool". It was a bit scratchy so I washed it in hair conditioner and it softened a bit - luckily, Little Miss has that mop of hair to protect her from semi-scratchy yarn!
WM had the presence of mind to take a photo of the unmodelled beanie to show off the stranded colourwork.


  1. Just too cute (hats and babies)!
    I haven't had such great results with lettered colorwork-nice design and knit!

  2. So cute! (Both the hats and the babies.) I love all that hair -- she quite literally has more hair than either of my girls had at their first birthdays (very bald babies, they were). :)

  3. Great hats but OH MY the babies are adorable! I want another little girl. *sigh*

  4. So cute.... Oh and the hats are adorable as well. Your DB has great taste in AFL teams...

  5. hard to look past the cute babies and notice the hats!

  6. While I can't agree on the choice of footy team, the hats and babies are so so sweet!

  7. Gorgeous bubs and hats, you have done such a wonderful job.

  8. both the hats and the babes score an A+ for cuteness

  9. Hawks, hmmmmph. LOL.
    Saved only by that darling little one.


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