Saturday, 26 December 2009

The saga continues...

Firstly, merry Christmas to all my blog-reading friends. I hope yours was better than mine!

Secondly, thanks to all who left a comment on the last post and to those who read it and sent good wishes my way - I really appreciate your support, concern and prayers.

warning: the rest of this post is self-indulgent “getting it off my chest”. You may not want to read on!

As you can imagine, with the urgent phone call from my mother last week, my plans were put on hold. And what were those plans? Well, among them were to finish the baby blanket which is currently on the needles (it was supposed to be a Christmas present) then cast on and finish another baby blanket! I also had to write about sixty Christmas cards and do my Christmas shopping. None of which happened although I have made some progress on the first blanket since arriving in Tamworth.

While in Tamworth, I tried several times to get my Christmas shopping done. Not knowing the local shopping centre (there is no big shopping mall) made it quite difficult but the biggest interruptions were related to cars and/or hospitals. The first time I got a phone call from my sister to say that the mechanic wanted mum's car (which I was driving) straight away - DD and I were looking for maternity clothes that time! The second time I had to get the car to the tyre service place for a wheel balance and alignment and ran out of time. No problems, I thought; I would go shopping after visiting hours - the major chain stores were open until midnight on 23rd December. Another phone call - Dad was being transferred to his local hospital and mum was leaving Tamworth in one hour and I was going with her!! No more shopping for me - my parents live in a small town (population 1300 people) and everything is closed by 6.30pm except the two clubs. Fortunately, I had managed a present for everyone except WM and he is very understanding of the whole situation.

So, mum, DD and I drove the 145 kilometres (90 miles) back "home" on Wednesday afternoon, stopping for a late lunch along the way. Then, the following day - Christmas Eve - we drove back to Tamworth to have Christmas morning at my sister's place (dad's orders!!). WM and SIL left Sydney after work at 2:30pm and arrived in Tawmorth at 7:30pm. DD, SIL, WM and I stayed in a motel - I just couldn't face staying in a stressed over-crowded house again! On Christmas morning we all went to Mass (DD, SIL, WM and I are no longer Catholics but it was what mum wanted). then we went to my sister’s house for the exchange of presents and Christmas lunch. It was dad's wish that we all spend Christmas together "as usual". There was nothing usual about it - 16y.o. Niece went to her boyfriend's house because she couldn't go in the afternoon as had originally been planned. The gift-giving was rushed because 19y.o. Niece had to catch the only flight to Sydney at 2:40pm and had to be at the airport at 1pm. The plane was late so lunch was delayed. We finally got away from Tamworth at about 4pm for the trip back to my parents’ home town.

By the time we arrived, dad was stressed because he had expected us much sooner. I’ll just leave it by saying that the time we spent with him was stressful and angst-ridden.

Today my father is at home. He left the hospital at 10.30am and has to be back at 4:30pm. He is annoyed because he thought he was coming home permanently. Tomorrow they will reassess the situation and we will have to take each day as it comes. My parents don’t like this - they like everything planned well in advance. As an example, on Christmas Eve mum wanted to know who was going to drive her car home on Christmas Day! We hadn't even got to Tamworth yet! It’s that kind of worrying about little details that is wearing me down; not to mention the constant sniping from overstressed people.

Right now Dad is ensconced in front of the Cricket (boring!) so I have taken a break from being always surrounded by people and retired to a steamy, but quiet, computer room.

DD and SIL are on their way back to Sydney via the CountryLink bus and train service. She has been with me for the eleven days since we left home and I’m going to miss her cuddles and quiet support. It has been the most time we have spent together since she was married last January and will probably be the last time as her baby is due in nine weeks. I miss her terribly and even writing this has made me tearful.

WM is with me now. I am hoping to get way from here in the next few days. My emotions are raw and I am living on the edge. I return to work in early February and want to have a real rest before facing a classroom full of beginner-English learners again. But I can’t help wondering how mum (who has had three minor strokes in the past) will cope, physically and emotionally, when none of us are here.

If you have read this far, God bless you for your patience. I wasn’t going to publish this post but I need a release and I can’t get it in my physical environment! Even though I have met very few of you in person, thanks for being a real sense of support in a time in which I feel like I’m living my life with moving goal-posts!


  1. Oh no what a terribly stressful way of having Christmas. I hope your parents get some good news and your father recovers quickly and well so that the stress levels can drop a little for you all. Everyone needs a break and even this little one for you at your computer letting it all out might help you to come down a little. At least I hope so. If your blog is somewhere you can release a little steam then that can only be a good thing. Thinking of you.

  2. Lynne, I'm thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. I hope you can get some rest and I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

  3. I'm sorry your Christmas was so stressful and not relaxing, I hope your dad is doing better soon and that you do get a chance to rest up soon.

  4. Great big hugs and love. I care for my father and it makes for some interesting times. You really do have my loave and prayers.

  5. Love and prayers indeed. You don't have to worry about 'whining' everyone needs the release of such stress. You have lightened your burden and we can pray accordingly. Improvements are on their way!

  6. Even though it has been a stressful time; please focus on what has been positive. Spending the time with DD. I know how close you both are. This stress wouldn't be helping your CFS either. Please take some time out; even for a little walk outside with WM. My love and prayers to you and your family. Hugs.

  7. Oh, no! Holidays can be really stressful without all of that added chaos -- I'm so sorry! I'm glad that you got time with DD, it sounds like an island of love and sanity in the craziness. I hope that you are home now and that things are calming down...

  8. Lynnie
    I'm just now catching up on what's been going on - well, you know that I've been computerless for the three weeks that your life has been imploding so you know I wasn't just ignoring you - and obviously there's not a lot I can add that hasn't already been said.
    Try and focus on the new lives that are coming along, and I'm sorry that your parents aren't coping with what's happening.

    big big cyber hugz to you and Susan [ and the bump too ]

    xxox s


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