Monday 28 December 2009

Christmas goodies

Thanks to those who endured my post-Christmas whinge and even more thanks to those who left comments.

Now to share the goodness of the season.

First of all, the little town where my parents live is in drought-stricken north-west NSW. We had rain on Boxing Day and even more yesterday. To the people who live here, and especially the local graziers, it was a welcome sight, sound and smell. And I'm sure the "firies" (rural fire fighters - mostly volunteers) camped on the local showground were also pleased to see the short-lived deluge!

Dad is here again on a day visit. There is an argument raging at the hopsital between the one local doctor on duty and the more experienced nurses on whether he should be allowed home permanently. We'll see how it pans out, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

On the gift front, from my parents I received a Knit Picks Options (now Knit Pro in Australia) needle case. Unfortunately it will have to be returned to Morris and Sons when I eventually get back to Sydney as one of the zipper tags snapped in half when I tried to open it to the first time.

I received three books, only one is knitting related. From DD and SIL, there was this which I'm looking forward to reading:

From Sister and Family there was this which I have read cover to cover and am now itching to get home and get started on a new craft:

From WM there was this:

and finally this for encouraging exercise without boredom:

Some silver linings in the dark clouds overhead!


  1. I love books for Christmas and we thoroughly enjoy passing them all around the rest of the year! You will love your ipod-do you listen to podcasts? Enjoy!!

  2. Hooray! So many good things (including that rain -- I know how much rain means in a dry place) :)

  3. Oh to have a family who considers your craft and loves when gifting. WM should talk to my MM. So glad the rain has reached you. Prayers for an outcome with your dad. Jealous 101 on the 'purple' I-pod.

  4. Sorry to hear about your stressful Christmas I hope your Dad feeling better.
    I sent off my Knitters guild membership off today..:)

    I like the look of When bad thing happen to good knitters book.

  5. What a lovely lot of gifts to brighten your Christmas. I think you will especially love the iPod! Knitting podcasts and audiobooks are a fantastic way to use them!

    Wasn't the rain glorious!

  6. Some Christmas cheer indeed. Lovely to hear things are settling a little and that Christmas brought you some thoughtful gifts. Rain as well! Some prayers have been answered over there and I hope they continue to be.

  7. nice to know of your work.I live and work in Asia.Often I send and receive postcards.If there is a need to send items to Asia or you want more popularity let me know.


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