Sunday, 29 November 2009


Today is "R U OK Day?" in Australia.

To take a quote directly from the website:
Connection is a crucial part of general health and well being to help in coping with issues such as stressful life events, mental health problems, relationship breakdowns and bereavement.

Staying connected and ensuring your colleagues, friends and loved ones do so as well is as simple as having regular, meaningful, conversations. So every day can be R U OK?Day.
As one who has suffered depression and lived with another who has suffered depression, this initiative is very important to me. Not all sufferers want to commit suicide but they certainly need to know someone cares - "get over it" and "it's all in your mind" doesn't help!

Please take the time to ask someone you care about "R U OK?" today - things are not always as they seem!


  1. As a sufferer of depression, most the time people don't want to know; which is so sad, and puts you into a further depression.

    I have been fine the last few weeks, just very busy with school tuckshop, and end of year.

    Prayer that you and your family are okay too.

    Love & hugs.

  2. My husband has been a sufferer all his adult life........the Lord brought you to mind all day yesterday; you are cared for!

  3. Oh, so true! After two bouts of postpartum depression, I definitely take depression seriously -- what a wonderful national initiative.

  4. it was only after we had a great big and difficult talk with a family member yesterday, trying to help her get her life on track, that we realised it was a good day to have checked in with her. I mean obviously it had to happen anyway but that it happened on R U OK day was a nice reminder of the importance of checking in.

  5. Lovely reminder there

    Love the photo of the soon to be grandchild - you are allopwed to be proud!

  6. i agree its never too hard to ask "are you ok?" and really. it should be an easy thing to do. it doesnt hurt people to take time out of their busy lives to stop and talk to people and make sure that they are ok!

    love the ultrasound piccie of your grandchild! i wish they were around when i had my girls :)


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