Sunday 15 November 2009

Aran weight - really?

Take another look at the baby blanket on the cover - the one that many visitors to the blog have been admiring. Does it look like Aran weight to you?

No, I didn't think so! More like 5ply wool [or similar] but hey, who am I to argue? According to the book, it's medium weight - Worsted, Aran, Afghan; or that which we, in Australia, call 10ply! The sample is apparently knitted in Bernat Satin which the company describes as "the perfect luxury knitting worsted weight yarn, ideal for all knit and crochet projects" and a "glorious yarn with a clean defined stitch" - it's 100% acrylic so I was right about the wool or equivalent!

So, this is the one I'll be knitting first because my brother told me on Friday that they are expecting a girl and I have lots of variegated pink, Aran weight Fiddle De Dee cotton to knit! I just have to finish  the lemon Tilting Blocks blanket I started for my little niece [before I knew she was a she]. That blanket will go to DD instead because grandbubby didn't want to reveal his/her sex just now!!

Here's the first public photo of Granbubby the First! DD and SIL have more up on Facebook but I don't want to turn this into Grandma's Brag Book!!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see those ultrasound photos - the amount of detail is amazing isn't it!

  2. What I love about afghans/blankets, is that you can make all the changes you want and you don't have to worry about gauge! The blanket will be a beauty no matter what yarn you use. Congrats on the first photo of grandbaby! The sono sure has come a long way since the ones I rec'd so long ago!

  3. Ok, that's it, I've teared up. Now need photo of DD with tummy. :)

    Thank you Delighted Hands for that little bit of info on afghans/blankets.

  4. There are some things that are well worth bragging about -- look how beautiful she is!! :)

  5. blimey.......that blanket would be awfully warm!!!

    gorgeous grandbub!!!

  6. How exciting, it's amazing how clear the ultrasound photos are these days..:)

  7. Congratulations on news of grandbabe the first!

  8. Wow, what a great first pic of your new grandbaby.


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