Thursday, 15 October 2009

yarn acquisition

DD and I were discussing baby blankets. She mentioned how much she had loved the one I had knitted for my neighbour whose son was born in February.

It was knitted in Cleckheaton Fiddle De Dee cotton which is now a discontinued yarn. She really liked that blanket. It was soft and machine washable and dryable [which is very rare for cotton in my experience].

So, what's a mother [first time grandmother] to do? Look on Ebay of course. There have been several occasions where I have tried to find this particular yarn with no luck at all. But two weeks ago, I found some! In fact, I found quite a lot! And I bought a lot!! Here are the latest additions to my stash. Most of this is destined to become baby blankets. The rest will wait until I find out what it wants to be! The photos are copied from Ebay [thanks Rhonda and Amanda]. You will see more photos when the yarn is actually knitted!

Six balls of the same yarn as above. That's enough for a small blanket for pram or bassinet.

Six balls of mint:

Six balls of a pale lemon, pink and white variegated yarn:

20 balls of a pastel variegated yarn [including pink] - surely someone will have girl at some stage!

and 23 balls of lemon [a safe colour when mother2B doesn't know what her baby's sex will be]

I also bought ten balls of white but have no photo to show you. That's 71 balls altogether!! Can you tell I love this yarn!

In addition, I bought six balls of mauve Super Soft cotton

and ten balls of Sirdan Cotton Lustre in a lovely teal colour.

I already had ten balls of Spotlight 8ply cotton in blue [blanket in progress] and some balls of white cotton in both 4ply and 8ply so I think I have enough cotton to keep me going for a while.


  1. I think if there is a yarn you love then it is definitely worth stockpiling it - especially if it's been discontinued!!

  2. What a great pick up. Pram Cover - Shepherd 4ply; multi bright colours..... SSSSHHHHHH.. :)

  3. Wow great additions to the stash, especially the mauve Cotton soft. I've knit it in the white and it was just gorgeous. Happy knitting!!

  4. Great acquisitions of yarn!!! I love the teal especially. I was going to say it is good to stock up for the winter but it is starting to be Spring so there goes that excuse!!!

  5. Oh, wow! What a fabulous haul. And yes, you are now set to knit baby blankets for the foreseeable future :)

  6. I think you will be knitting a lot of baby blankets in the future. I love the teal colored one, it looks like it will knit up nicely.

  7. That baby blanket is so lovely and something to keep forever. I crocheted a baby blanket for a friend and she's still using it for her 3rd baby and it's become quite special to her. What a lovely gift to give. And if you like the yarn, definitely stockpile it.


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