Monday 8 June 2009

"Winter of Textured Knits" KAL
May 2009 Gathering #3

The third and final Gathering for May

From very cold rural Victoria we have our first offering from Susan to keep us warm [it's versatile too!]
But wait, there’s more; Susan may have just joined the KAL but she has been busy:

These may be more lace than texture but they’re worth admiring! is this on the same page:

...and these small items:

From small items to much larger:

Susan didn’t knit all these herself but I thought they were worth showing:

In what I assume is now very cold Tassie, Tinkingbell is busy with bigger items:

...and here:

The two above were knitted for Tink herself but Tink’s Princess wasn’t to be left out:

Finally, these last two are not knitting but I love the textures so wanted to share them with you anyway!

From Catsmum whose blog is called “Susan in Stitches”

And from Pins and Needles [aka Where’s the Knitting? LOL]

Come back tomorrow when the secret knitting is finally unveiled!

Enjoy the cooler weather -- I'm off to knit under my nice warm blankie [gratuitous 'old' textured photo - read about it here]!

Happy knitting / crocheting / crafting!


  1. Oy! I posted a pic of my socks, they were textured, ROFL.

  2. a stunning array of textured knits there. Colours and textures and all sorts of loveliness!

  3. Yup, I'm bad and don't have any goodies to show off this month. Hopefully by the end of June, I'll have my cardigan to show off...


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