Sunday, 7 June 2009

"Winter of Textured Knits" KAL
May 2009 Gathering #2

Are you ready for another collection of gorgeous textures?

Paisley Womble has been busy with the needles. Her most recent effort is our first picture:

I absolutely love the colour of this:

I suspect Paisley Womble went shopping especially to match her knitting!

I hope Lorelle hasn't washed away in all the rain in south-east Queensland. She's had time to produce these Thanks, Rell, for including photos I didn't have to crop!! ;-):

This offering is from Rose Red [scroll down]: it's not blocked in this photo so the texture is fairly strong even though the picture is very small!

Then we also have this offering from RoseRed [swing, swing, swing, J!]:

RoseRed would also like us to know these [first seen last month] are finished [thanks Nora3]:

And our final knitter today: Knitter Sue. This will keep someone warm:

What a buzz this one is!! LOL

I'll bet you'll never guess what this is [unless you've visited her blog of course]:

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the final installment for this month!


  1. Thanks Lynne, have enjoyed these wrap-ups and the little hints of the whole!

  2. it's so fun writing these wrap-ups isn't it? Bringing together all the great work is really satisfying!

  3. Oh I like it when you do the sneak peeks! I keep forgetting to check in with you to see what everyone is doing, must make sure I start to keep in touch and do it on a regular basis.


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