Sunday, 10 May 2009

Unfortunately Lynne

This is an old meme but I've long thought I should see what it yields! ;-)

  • Unfortunately, Lynne is now semi-retired from actively teaching
    This is true: I only work part-time, but perhaps not unfortunate - for me or my students!

  • Unfortunately, Lynne has made some errors herself.
    Haven't we all?
    This was actually written about Lynne Truss, author of a book I have read and enjoyed [as an English teacher, why wouldn't I?]

  • Unfortunately Lynne’s blog is not quite a real blog. You can’t add comments. Here is what is really cool though, Lynne’s on Twitter.
    So this is the definition of a 'real' blog - the writer is obviously not talking about me because readers can leave comments here [and I encourage you to do so] and I'm not on Twitter.

  • Unfortunately, Lynne wasn't speaking up in defense of Britney
    Well I wouldn't, would I?

  • Unfortunately, Lynne B. does not exist.
    She most certainly does!

  • Unfortunately Lynne has had to withdraw from the race.
    Just as well, I was built for stability in high winds! LOL

  • Unfortunately, Lynne's pension won't be that great
    Probably true - the government is going to find it difficult to support all of us baby-boomers when we finally retire. Just as well I plan to be self-funded as a retiree!

  • Unfortunately, Lynne is no longer able to take on this important task
    ... possibly because she is busy with even more important/urgent tasks

  • Unfortunately, Lynne spiked her bum on the basket wire on a particularly big bump, so will have to nurse a bit of a bruise for the next few days!
    Oh my, what was Lynne doing? I can tell a similar story: I once spiked my bottom on a graphite pencil which had been sharpened in an electric sharpener. The pencils were kept in tins, point up to prevent breakage, and one little darling tripped me and I fell backwards onto his desk! Ouch! I had to have tetanus shot too!! :-(
And finally, one that is really about me:
  • Unfortunately Lynne won’t be knitting for a while as she has shoulder problems but I hope she enjoys the silk when she can eventually use it.
    Fortunately the shoulder problems, while still sometimes giving me problems are mostly a thing of the past and I will be using the silk soon, Sally. I wasn't ready to face more lace after the saga of the wedding stole!


  1. I prefer the fortunate Lynne.

  2. I like the Lynne we know and love better! Much more interesting, productive and involved!
    Happy Mother's Day from the USA!

  3. Too funny! Thank goodness the real Lynne is doing better than this :)

  4. Knock knock knock. Oh Lynne. Lynnnne!!!!!! Go check out my blog, there's some real live knitting on it ... at last !!

    And I hope your shoulder is a whole lot better.

  5. Isn't it fun! (unfortunately - one of mine had died!)

    I have now finished my second gathered pullover - with a big juicy cable in the front! Pictures are on RAV, but not yet on my blog - and I've just cast on for both the Viper socks and the placed cable aran - so that should help my texture-y quota!

  6. I won't be there on Saturday.:(
    I have my nephew 1st birthday party to go to.

    Hopefully I 'll be there next month. Ive been sick with ear infection and flu for the last few weeks so I haven't been out much.
    So that why I haven't drop of the form to DH..:)
    This month has flown by.


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