Tuesday, 3 March 2009

can you help me?

I cast on the second Waving Lace sock on Saturday and last night completed the second repeat. The yarn is pooling [see photo to the right] as it did on the instep of the first sock. The red is forming a spiral around my leg and I don't like the effect. I want the colours to be random as they were on the first sock [below].
I can't tell if I am knitting with the colour repeats in the same order because I've already sewn the ends in and grafted the toe of the first sock. I wouldn't think it would make that much difference - the repeats are short, six to eight stitches, of each of the four colours. And remember, the two photos here are of the same sock - one before the heel, the other after the heel.

If I rip it out and start again, is there any way to ensure that the pooling doesn't happen again? I obviously don't want to start over and have the same thing happen; I may as well keep going with what I have! I'm using the same needles, the same yarn, the same number of stitches and I assume the same gauge: the first sock has been stretched from being tried on several times - it's cotton so it's not as resilient as wool. What can I do?

The last paragraph has been edited to explain why I can't be sure if the gauge is the same!


  1. I like the way it pools differently but the only way to ensure the socks match (id don't pool) is to rip out your starting spot and make sure that you start in the exact same spot of the repeat. Is the pooling starting to grow on you now?!

  2. I wish I could help but it's one of the bizarre things of knitting socks that even with the same needles, pattern and knitter, one can pool and the other won't.

  3. Could you start at the other end of the ball?
    Can you tell I don't knit socks :)

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  5. Rose Red, that's what I was afraid of! I really don't like it!!

    Rell: Your solution seems good to me and one I'm curently considering - thought I'd knit up the outside end [I'm using a centre pull ball of course] - that way I can check the result before I pull several hours of work out!!

  6. It's bizarre isn't it? I have a pair of socks like that too. But then I just figured that's one of the beauties in sock knitting and this variegated wool. I loved the individuality of it in the end. But that doesn't help your problem does it? Not sure what to suggest.

  7. I have no idea why this happens - I rather like the spirals - but have not assistance to offer!

    I can never understand why making 2 socks with the same yarn, needles and hands will do this!

    Sorry I haven't dropped in for a while - your daughter looks so beautiful - and is so blessed to have 4 grandparents - ,y children only have 1 - a sadness

  8. I think the socks look great. I have the same porblem before & I think pooling is random. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. yeah no help from me either - for one pair I even tried starting from the exact same point in the repeat - carefully recorded - and they STILL turned out differently
    btw will probably join your WOTK later but am currently knee deep in lace


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