Friday 6 February 2009


Remember I was telling you the saga of the Supersocke Cotton socks, Versions 1 through 6? I had a few comments encouraging me to knit plain socks. I like plain; plain is good when knitting self-striping socks like these I prepared earlier!

So, I want to thank you, dear readers, for your input but I sometimes can seem a little perverse! I really wanted something to knit that was interesting but not too challenging. I am, after all, still recovering from Myrtle.

So, I found this pattern in Favorite Socks, which I got from my family for Christmas. Looking at it on the cover, did nothing for me but the picture inside seemed doable with my yarn. Only one way to find out, right? Bring on Version #7!

And this is how the pattern looks with my yarn [photo taken last Sunday before I went on R&R]. I like it. I know the subtleties of the waving lace pattern are lost but it's a lovely knit and I like the way way it works with my yarn. So forgive me, dear readers, for my perversity - hopefully by the time I return from R&R there will be at least one Waving Lace Supersocke to see!


  1. Beautiful-what a good choice. We know that you don't have to take our advice-it is just nice you ask!

  2. Not at all Lynn! I think waving lace has enough solid parts to make a variegated yarn quite ok. Your yarn isn't heavily variegated so I think it's an excellent choice. I did those socks last year and just loved the pattern. Not a massive stretch, but just interesting enough to keep your interest, right?

  3. The pattern will show when you wear them.

    Lovely choice.

  4. I think it is a winner! Great choice of pattern for this yarn. Hopefully you'll have two socks done when you return!


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