Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Shoes Day

I said here that I may wear DD's shoes on her Big Day. But, as advised by some readers, wearing too small shoes is not a good idea, especially when one is going to be on one's feet a lot.

So I bought these.

The shiny heel was not too high but high enough to look dressy and the black leather sandal was strappy enough for the heat of DD's Wedding Day.

I like them!

This is how they look from my eyes! Ignore the white skin,I had bronzing powder on my legs and my skirt was very long. Admire, instead, that cute manicure!


  1. They are lovely. You'll find endless occassions to wear them again - a nice, classic sandal!

  2. Yay for ShoesDay! They are great Lynne, as Bells said, very classic! And doesn't a pedicure set them off perfectly!


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