Thursday 15 January 2009

In which we interrupt the knitting

Today I did one of the most important tasks of the Mother-of-the-Bride: I bought something to wear to the wedding!

I'm not exactly a small woman and I don't like shopping for clothes. I have a large bust, almost no waist, a big tummy and small hips. I look best in straight skirts or pants and tops that come down to my hips. However, I'm not huge; I can usually buy what I need in the larger sizes of regular clothes shops. But today nearly did me in!

I went to a shop that sells clothes for formal occasions. I tried on everything that they had in their largest size - a size I don't normally have to buy. Nothing, and I mean zip, zilch, nada, nothing, fitted. Some of them I couldn't even zip up! I would have been completely disheartened if it hadn't been for the sales assistant - she was so helpful, so cheerful and totally non-plussed about me not finding anything after spending quite a lot of time in her store. It was not the most wonderful experience of my life - did I happen to say I dislike clothes shopping?

I crossed to another shop on the opposite side of the shopping mall - they were busy and there seemed to be only one assistant in the shop so I wasn't offered any help; I had to find my way around on my own. It's not a shop I normally go into - the clothes are outside the bracket I spend on everyday wear. But this is a special occasion and, though I was slightly dismayed at the price tags, I carried on. I took three garments into the fitting room. Two of them had satin camisoles - satin is not a good look on big women and the fact that the darts were way too short didn't help matters! The over-shirts were heavily beaded chiffon - beautiful and highly suitable to formal occasions. One was in a plum colour I really liked - but the satin cami screamed "big girl, big b**bs" so reluctantly I put the outfits back on their hangers.

The third outfit was a lovely shade of purple - my favourite colour. It was made of jersey, soft and clingly. DD is getting married in the middle of a western Sydney summer, people, and today is 40*C+ [104*F]. Jersey is not a good idea. But, I tried it on anyway; I was getting a bit tired of this 'dressy' thing. It was clingy but it had the most beautiful long skirt; not straight, but nowhere near circular. And the top: it was a crossover [always good for big bust lines according to Trinny and Susannah], it had a modesty piece [so as to show no cleavage] and was ruched across the front so that it hid my fat stomach. It has no beading as such; in fact, the design is quietly understated.

In short, it looks fabulous - it's a colour I love and it had to be mine, mine, mine! No matter that it cost more than I wanted to pay. I can wear the top again with black pants [if I ever have need of a semi-formal outfit]. Yes, folks, I bought an outfit [and some jewellery and undergarments to wear with it]. DD attended a wedding last weekend and her new black shoes are almost the right size for me [she wears a shoe half a size smaller]; so I may not have to buy shoes! Yay team!!

No photos of the complete outfit because some guests at the wedding [hi mum and dad!] sometimes read my blog but here's a sneak peak at the detail! The colour is wrong but it's as close as I can get. I love it [but I still don't like clothes shopping].


  1. My goodness you underestimate yourself.

    You are nothing like you say in this blog.

    I see you as a beautiful sized women, with a great personality to match.

    I can just see you seething in the heat, while trying on dresses.

    If you ever need another outfit there is a gorgeous boutique in Windsor that my girlfriend runs. (Now you tell me, I hear).

    But the colour is yummy and you will look good in it.

  2. I know what you mean about clothes shopping - it can be very disheartening - but I'm so glad you found a superfantastic dress - you will feel so great in it. A word of warning about the shoes though - I'd be really careful about wearing too-small shoes to an event where you will be doing a fair bit of standing around - they might be ok for 5 minutes, but after that the pain will show on your face (especially if it is a hot day). It'd be too bad to possibly spoil your lovely dress with the wrong shoes. Hope you'll post a full-length shot after the wedding!

  3. Well done! particularly today with the rotten heat.

  4. You have chosen a wonderful dress and if you love the color it will help you to shine all day-you will be beaming anyway. Love the color and I sure can sympathize with you about is the pits!
    On the shoes, if you can, wear them for a day ahead of the BIG day and see how you fare.

  5. Heat and shopping, two things I don't tolerate well! I'm so glad you were successful and can relax and know you have your dress in hand!

    Your shawl looks lovely. I look forward to seeing the completed project.

    What a special time for you and your daughter. I remember the weeks leading up to my daughter's wedding.

    I have enjoyed reading through your blog, especially the fiber/travel related posts and the mother/daughter posts.

  6. My Mother's outfit cost almost as much as mine! I hope the wedding goes off well!

  7. Im glad you found outfit....:)
    I love the colour.

    The only clothes shoping I like is opp shopping. There Anglicare on High street the have great stuff down there!
    I know you woundn't go there for a wedding out fit but they do get some realy nice clothes not like some of the other opp shops I've been to and they have a wool basket that I gotton some realy nice wool from.

  8. I really don't like clothes shopping either -- I don't know who they're making clothes for, but it ain't me! It looks to me, though, like you got something exactly perfect, and the fact that you love it and can and will wear it again is a huge bonus! Congratulations :)

  9. Well bravo to you! I get it looks fabulous. And you know there's a reason that you didn't find anything at that first store, it was meant to be that you crossed the road. Well done!


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