Thursday 1 January 2009

a New Year - new goals

I have a major project underway - completing the Myrtle Leaf stole from Victorian Lace Today in time for DD's wedding on 31st January. Can I do it? If I knit at least four repeats of the pattern every day it is possible. That's my first goal for 2009. Beyond that, there are some things that I really want to do:
  • knit a scarf with the lace weight silk Sally gave me
  • knit socks from the yarn I bought for myself - at least four pairs worth
  • finish the summer cardigan I started oh-so-long-ago

Other 'maybe I'll try that one day' things are in the queue on my side bar.


  1. You can do can do it! Hope all goes well with your plans!

  2. That seems like a good list -- I'll send lace knitting mojo thoughts your way!

  3. Have have all faith and confidence that DD will look beautiful in her Myrtle Leaf Stole on the 31/01/2009

  4. Susan will look superb in her stole - you can do it kiddo!

  5. I hope you are better at knitting for yourself than I am. My knits for myself never end up happening as they get swamped by knits for other people. That being said, I'm sure you'll get the stole done in time.

  6. A big Happy New Year to you - may all your projects, major and minor, be created swiftly and hassle free.


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