Wednesday 24 December 2008

poor sad neglected blog

It's not just this blog that's been neglected - I have 318 unread postings on Bloglines! Life has been hectic with end of year assessments [created and marked] and administration plus last minute preparations for Christmas and the wedding not to mention just plain dogged tiredness or, should I say, near-exhaustion?

The wedding stole [thanks for asking Bells] has not progressed in six weeks - I'm too tired to concentrate. I am however close to completing another crocheted blanket [2.1m x 1m; 70"x40"]. The squares have all been crocheted together, the border has been done and there's only the ends to be sewn in. I have also commenced a lapghan which is now about 90cm [36"] across. This one is based on a modified version of the Crocheted Pi Shawl in the latest Yarn magazine - except mine is square not round.

We had Christmas dinner last night with SIL2B - he has to work on Christmas Day. The pudding was as good as it looks, if I do say so myself!

A special thanks to Sally for emailing me to make sure I was okay - I am fine, just tired and busy, thanks. We're off to Tamworth today to spend Christmas with my family and we'll be back on Friday so WM can work on Saturday. Hopefully I'll then be able to keep up with all my blog friends more regularly.



  1. Oh dear - you really need some downtime, don't you?! Glad to see you're still around. I hope the stole is ready for the wedding.

    Take care and get rested soon!

  2. Missed you! Hope things will still be enjoyable for you for the holidays........and a good jumping off point for the wedding!

  3. Have a lovely relaxing time in Tamworth.


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