Wednesday 15 October 2008


On Saturday night, my former art teacher came for dinner. He had planned to bring wine but we don't drink, so he brought me these beautiful long stem roses. The colour is so wrong! They are deep red, almost black, but no matter what I do I can't get the colour of this photo right. Roses are such beautiful flowers so enjoy them anyway!

And yes, he has talked me into going back to art classes - looks like there'll be less time for yarny activities in my future!


  1. The roses look beautiful! I'll bet they smell great, too.


  2. Hi Lea
    Yes, they do smell nice; that's one of the beauties of roses, don't you think?

  3. How beautiful they are!And a nice smell too! I kept a rose from a friends wedding and it grew roots in the vase - it is now a very healthy rose bush in a pot! I will have to try and strike a cutting for her!

  4. oh lovely. So kind and thoughtful.

    Did you have the flash on? That might have lightened the colour a bit.

  5. So paint yarnery things! The roses are beautiful!

  6. Oh what a lovely arrangement of roses. Hope WM didn't get jealous. LOL.. :)

    When are you going to fit in time for art classes? You are going to need 40 hrs / day. :)


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