Sunday 19 October 2008

BSJ was a real surprise!

For those of you who notice such things in the sidebar, my progress bar for BSJ went from 85% complete to 5%! I was at 95% when I decided to frog. *sigh* I knew there were issues while I was knitting but kept going - it's such a quick knit and I was very keen to see how it folds to make a jacket. Well, now I know and those holes from my increases were so darn obvious! *sigh again*

So, it was out with Vogue Knitting and Katharina Buss' Big Book of Knitting and yes, I was doing my increases correctly. I was using the M1 method of inserting my needle under the yarn between the two stitches from front to back and knitting through the back of the loop. Still I had several good sized holes - anyone would think I had used yarnovers! So I checked out my alternatives. I wanted something reasonably 'invisible' - the increases are part of the design but shouldn't be overly noticeable.

So I tried this method - M1 [version 2] from Vogue Knitting: insert needle under the yarn between the two stitches from back to front and knit through the front of the loop. This is much trickier than the other version, it's easy to pick up the next stitch when trying to knit through the front of the loop - no wonder this is not the method we teach for M1 ! It does indeed twist the loop but I can still see the little holes made by this method.

Because I'm knitting this for charity it's in acrylic so it won't block out. The problem is possibly 5ply yarn on 3.5mm needles coupled with my tension - the gauge is too loose! But it makes a lovely soft garment! The increases so far are in the sleeves to give fullness; I haven't yet begun the increases to shape the garment - I think I might use knit into front and back of stitch for those increases - sure that's not invisible but it doesn't leave holes either! Will keep you posted!!


  1. That is such a shame.

    I hope the next version works out better for you.

    I haven't attempted the BSJ yet.

  2. Such a shame to have to frog it! I haven't made a BSJ either but am looking forward to trying it out.

  3. I use the backward loop increase that EZ advises to use. I find it leaves almost no hole at the increase, and looks smart.

    If you have the newsletter version of the pattern, there's a line drawing of the increase on the first page.

    I think I'd knitted three jackets before I noticed the drawing...

  4. I agree, don't look back, just knit it again-the k in back and front will work so try again-it will be perfect when you are done!

  5. Isn't it weird how somethign relatively simple as a M1 can cause so much grief. I've seen it time and time again!

  6. my mother taught me to pick up the little loop thats already on the needle and knit into it to M1 - i use this technique now as it never shows a hole - its hard to explain without pics - sorry :(

  7. Y'know, I've decided that I'm not fond of those M1 increases; I can't do them without some kind of tiny hole to save my life. It's mostly OK so long as I twist the picked up stitch, but it is a real bummer in the skirt I knitted this summer; the see-through holes go all the way up!

  8. The Knit-front-and-back isn't invisible - but it doesn't call drastic, frantic attention to itself either - and it's good and sturdy andsimple to do.

    In fact, I'm using it as an increase method on a circular shawl where I don't want eyelets on the increase round and it actually creates a rather attractive pattern :)


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