Monday, 20 October 2008

Blogger and Bloglines

Recently, Jocelyn wrote a post about the pleasure of having comments forwarded by email rather than "hitting refresh on blogger in the vain hope that someone has left me a comment".

Another great time saver in the blogging world has to be Bloglines: where you can have all your favourite webpages [not just blogs] listed for you each time something is added. For example, I have over 50 blogs on my Bloglines but today I only had to read 14 blogs as that was how many new posts there were. And Bloglines shows me which are the unread posts so if I have 200+ posts to read [as I did earlier this year when I fell way behind] I don't have to go back through the blog trying to remember what I had and hadn't read! I also got a nice shock today when I found that I have 20 subscribers - thank you all!!

Edited to add: And thank you to the two readers who are following my blog through this new tool of Blogger's - I haven't even looked at it yet but thank you to both of you for publicly stating your 'following'.

So three cheers for emailed comments and three more cheers for Bloglines. But when is Blogger going to ask [as Wordpress does] for email addresses so we can reply to the comments instead of seeing ""? Hmm?


  1. Things have changed.

    I now follow my favourite bloggers.

  2. i tried bloglines - but i didnt like it, but my feed reader on opera is great as it shows the posts and pics just like bloglines, the trouble with the rss feed reader in firefox is it only shows post titles, so you then have to go to the blog to read the post,oh and feed on opera will let you reply to the bloggers post or email them if they have an email address too.

  3. I love bloglines, and I'm one of your subscribers! :) (Thanks for the shout-out, btw.) I've found out (the hard way, obviously) that it is possible for folks who are on blogger to check the email box on their profile so that people can see their email when they comment; not everyone has it checked, and not everyone has an account on blogger, though, so it's an imperfect system...

  4. Thanks for explaining bloglines
    Im still learning my way around this blogging world. :)

  5. Oh yes, I've had you on my bloglines for ages, so I'm one of the 20 !!! And it's great getting your comments emailed to you.

  6. PS : What I don't know how you do is get your comment box to pop up separately to your blog. Some blogs the comment box replaces the blog. But some like yours pops up separately in another window, with your blog window still safely tucked underneath. How do you do that?

  7. I read my blog list on Google Reader; same principle-just new posts which saves time and you don't get behind! Isn't it great!?


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