Thursday 30 October 2008

Are we tired of lace yet?

On Monday night I started, yet again, on the Myrtle Leaf Stole. I put a life-line in the last foundation row before pattern begins. I knitted Row One and Two and Three and Four and Five and Six with nary a dropped stitch! Aren't we all pleased?

Row Seven marks the half way point of the first pattern repeat [there are 40 repeats for the centre panel]. I inserted my lifeline as I knitted - still no dropped stitches but the yarn was snagging even more than usual. I tugged - too hard: the dental tape cut through my yarn! I frogged it all in disgust!

DD will wind the second skein [just as well I bought two] so I can start again.

Lace Hint #3: use dental floss not dental tape for lifelines - tape is too thick causing overly tight tension [gauge] and snagging with possible dire consequences.


  1. Bugger! You are being very patient. Congratulations on your perseverance.

  2. Curses! At least you are learning a lot of hints for us! Just think of how pretty it will look--eventually!!!

  3. oh dear! good luck for the next version.

  4. Ouch. i think I'll stick to fine cotton!

    The lessons we need to learn the hard way huh?

    I frogged my shawl this morning and started over. Sigh.

  5. Sounds a bit like me and laceweight! I can happily do quite complicated patterns in fingering weight and did a very warm Mystery Shawl in 8 ply. Laceweight? I frog more than I finish.

    Good on the perseverance. I hope the next attempt goes well. At least you will have sorted some of the pattern. LOL.

  6. The advice I received many years ago for lifelines (and for provisional casts on) is to use UNWAXED dental floss. However, it's practically impossible to get hold of now.

    Really looking forward to seeing the finished product (and you WILL finish it, I'm sure). It's on my 'to do' list so all advice welcome as you go along.

  7. Oh, dear. That's not good at all! And no, some of us never get tired of lace ;)


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