Saturday 20 September 2008

Beary special

We finished 16 bears to give to my contact for Operation Christmas Child. DD and I knitted, WM sewed and stuffed [and occasionally knitted scarves], I did the finishing [faces and attaching scarves]. I would have liked to have made 19 teddies in memory of my Nanna who passed away 19 years ago [12 October 1989] but we ran out of time. It was Nanna who made my first teddy who still graces us with his presence. Apparently he arrived from England soon after my birth, stuffed in an OXO cube box! In 1986 he was beheaded and restuffed for the arrival of DD [the first grandchild and great-grandchild].
When she marries next year, she will not be taking him - I will keep him here with me and will consider passing him on to my first grandchild when the time comes!


  1. How absolutely kind and wonderful you are. I feel quite sure that these beautiful teddy bears will end up with owners where they will be treasured and loved.

  2. The are adorable! They can't help but bring a smile to someone who needs them!

  3. They look great - I know what you mean about them having nicer heads than the trauma teddies' patterns. I am sure they will be much appreciated :-)


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