Thursday, 17 July 2008

travel blog Day 4

200km [125 miles] trip from Wangaratta in the cold, wind and/or rain! No photos becasue my batteries were flat! MAnaged to get one photo in Shepparton [mentioned below], that's it!

First stop Glenrowan, home of Ned Kelly's last stand. Very few people about, maybe because it is Thursday, maybe because school holidays are over in Victoria but being first week of a new term there would be little likelihood of excursions [field trips], maybe because it was bitterly cold! Anyway, we didn't stay long; we're in Victoria for a yarny-good time, not a historical excursion [even though we both love history]. DD's heavy cold precluded being out in the bad weather for too long!

Next stop, Shepparton. Only two stops here; one at the Information Centre, the second for a photo opportunity at a street with our family name - apparently the one street with that name in Australia! We didn't visit the canneries for discounted products; there's no room in the car - I threatened today to send DD home by post! LOL

Finally arrived in Bendigo. Cold, raining, and did I mention, cold? Finally found the caravan park where we are staying. We've got a two double bed cabin, air-conditioned; warm inside, cold outside. Spent the afternoon being boringly domestic and checking emails, etc.

Off to the Australian Wool and Sheep Show tomorrow and the mill shop on Saturday.


  1. Sounds like quite the adventure you are having! Hooray! Is the caravan park what we would call a campground, I wonder. I will try to blow you some of our 90's degrees of temperatures!:')

  2. Sending some sun down your way, but can't help with the cold weather.

    DD chin up, the show today.

    Safe driving home. :)


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