Tuesday 15 July 2008

travel blog Day 2

Today was cold and wet in Wangaratta. DD has a very bad head cold and didn't get out of bed till mid-morning so we had a slow day; which was okay after yesterday's lengthy drive.

After lunch we went to Australian Country Spinners' Mill Shop. My first feeling was excitement. After about five minutes, I was so overwhelmed by choice and variety I wanted to run away!! Choice? How about acrylic yarn at $12.00 a kilogram. The cheapest I can get it at any retail outlet [we're talking Panda yarns here, not $2 shop yarn] is $19.90 a kilogram [$1.99 per 100g skein] at Lincraft! That's a saving of 40%. Since I know some of the yarn was Carnival acrylic [exclusive to Big W] which retails at $2.68 a skein [or $26.80 per kilo] that's less than half price! And a lot of what I knit is done in acrylic because that's what some charities ask for! And, speaking of acrylic, Patons Powder Puff was $10.00 a kilogram; that's a saving of $39.95 over the price at Spotlight! Sure they had some pretty awful colours - but kids love bright orange and red! And still on the acrylic theme? How about mixing it with Tencel to make Zhivago for $1.38 a ball? That's $27.50 per kilogram. Not all the stuff is labeeld, in fact, most isn't; so it pays to know your products and prices before heading in there!

Don't like acrylic? How about wool or wool blends at $27.50 a kilogram? That's Patons Inca or Jet at the equivalent of $1.38 for a 50g ball! Prefer mohair? How about Cleckheaton Studio Mohair at $65.00 a kilogram? Sounds expensive? A kilogram at Spotlight would be $119.90!

Jealous yet?!? We didn't end up buying anything! But before you start worrying about my sanity...we're going back tomorrow! Now we know what's there, we'll have time to think about what we really want and not rush into anything or, worse still, miss out on the bargains! Don't forget, we still have a trip to Bendigo - both the mill shop and the Wool Show, so let's not be hasty! Or greedy! Roll on tomorrow!!


  1. Okay I'm jealous. Wish I was there with you. Have a great day today (yes its Wednesday). Congratulations on the non impulse buying.

    Hope DD gets over her head cold.

    FYI. Sunny today, but still cold. Have a great trip. See you when you return.


  2. Oh, to be harassed with such decisions!
    Feel better and have fun!

  3. Oh, to be harassed with such decisions!
    Feel better and have fun!

  4. you had me worried there - all that yarn and no purchases!!

    Onto tomorrow's read.

  5. your restraint is praiseworthy - I made sure that I couldn't overspend at Bendy by taking a limited amount of cash and leaving the card at home because I can resist anything except temptation.


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