Monday 7 April 2008

Thinks and Thanks!

I was going to call this post Monday Musings but I don't want anyone to think it will be a regular feature!

Blog Comments
Thank you to all who left comments on my 'sticky' post about blog comments. I have decided to follow your suggestions, dear readers, and continue as I have done - if there is anything I need to address publicly, I will write a second post about it.
Otherwise, I'll read my comments which are forwarded to my Hotmail account, respond directly if there's an email address or go to the commenter's blog and comment there. I have, of late, been pretty slack with this - my excuses are my frozen shoulders and the entrelac blanket; go here to read more about it!
Life would be so much easier if Blogger provided contact email addresses, wouldn't it? I'm assuming that when I comment on other Blogger blogs, my name also comes up as

TAFE Teaching
Also, thank you to all the kind people who left comments about my new job doing relief work at TAFE. I am a teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages [ESOL]. I love languages, English in particular; though the more I teach the more I realise what a difficult language it must be to learn, particularly as an adult! So far I have had two days work but I've had a phone call offering me a block of work next term.

I'm a winner
Sally, of PomPom blog, had a competition to celebrate her first blogiversary. I have been reading Sally's blog since she started; I met her at a Blue Mountains Knitters' Guild meeting and was so touched by the story of the scarf she knitted for her dad. When she started her blog I read it enthusiastically. During March, Sally challenged herself to post every day for the month and she did! Well done Sally! I don't think I could have kept that up.
Anyway, all who commented on her blog during March were put into a draw to win a prize; one from Australia, one from overseas. I won! I was so excited. I have never won anything in blogland before, never been tagged for a meme, and never been given a blog award. [This is not a request for you all to start tagging me nor to give me a blog award - it's just a statement of fact.] So, it was doubly touching for me to win not only the draw but also to receive a very nice personal email from Sally. Thanks Sally and David [who drew out my name].

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  1. I promised "knitting goodies" but am wondering after reading your blog whether a gift voucher for Medicare wouldn't be more appropriate! DON'T make yourself ill knitting.


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