Saturday 16 February 2008

Tam's legacy

Tam tried to become a beret. Not enough yarn. Beret went swimming in the same frogpond as Tam.

Tam has now spawned two beanies/chemocaps/head huggers. If they can't be used by Penrith's needy, they'll be donated to one of the many hospitals crying out for chemo caps for cancer patients. Long live Tam!!


  1. Oh they are lovely and the colour is beautiful. What a great cause to give them to.

  2. As Carol has mentioned the colours are pretty. I really love how the colours blended and not blocked. Well done my friend.

    Penrith Mission or Cancer Centre @ Kingswood.... my thoughts

  3. Lovely chemo caps! Beautiful colours

  4. Love the colourway, they look great =)


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