Thursday 21 February 2008

Good things from bad situations

Tuesday was a very bad day at work - and I was only there a couple of hours! I came home feeling depressed; so bad I didn't even want to knit! I tried to knit one row [230 stitches] but it gave me no satisfaction, except to finish the row!!

Out came the oft-neglected crochet hook [oops, did I say that word? LOL]. Crocheted six rounds of a granny square - it was way too big compared to the squares I did back in November. I had used the 5mm hook instead of the 3.50mm!! :-(

Undeterred, and unwilling to frog an afternoon's work, I used up the rest of the skein. Yesterday I added another skein in a different shade of green - a new technique for me! [Did I ever mention I like learning new things?] The square is rapidly becoming a knee-rug for this month's Charity of the Month [CotM] for Knit4Charities.

And I am a lot less stressed!


  1. Nothing like creating to make you feel better! I always find that knitting makes me stop wanting to stab people with the needles! (LOL)

  2. It truly is no exaggeration to say that my knitting is what is keeping me sane at the moment!

    Glad the crafting is working for you too

  3. No better way to relax, than with the needles or hook.

    Hoping your frown turns upside down.



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