Wednesday 16 January 2008

three more skeins

This is what they looked like after dyeing [the yellow was almost fluoro!] and after skeining.

I have added a slideshow to the sidebar; I think everyone's seen enough of "Here is my new skein" [think infants/prep school "Show'n'Tell"] edited 17/1/08


  1. You're doing some beautiful work Lynne! Quite successful!

  2. The acrylic yarn looks so pretty in those colors. I too ventured to Lincraft and bought some Wangaratta flecked yarn and some variegated too. They seemed to just bundle it all in big boxes instead of shelving it so it was a bit difficult to look through. Are you planning on knitting anything in your dyed skeins.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. What else can I say.

    Can't wait to see it knitted up :( when your shoulder gets better.

  4. Glad you liked the bears!

    Lovely to come and see what you're up to - this dyeing is fabulous.

  5. Lynne, thank you for the very kind words you left on my blog. I've come over for a visit and I see such beautifully dyed yarn. That middle multi-coloured one is gorgeous, so soft and pretty. How fun that must be, kinda knowing, but not really knowing what the end result will look like.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Hopfully, Katie and I will get to the Blue Mountians Knitting Guild meeting next month.
    Katie made another mouse today and she didn't add any extra stitches!


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