Monday 21 January 2008

Can't knit but I can frog!

I went to the Knitters' Guild meeting on Saturday. I took knitting but all I did was sew in some ends on a cardigan I knitted last November. :-(

Yesterday, I frogged [with DD's help] a scarf I knitted months ago in novelty yarn [a very long eyelash yarn] - I must have dropped a stitch because there was a gaping hole about 20cm [8 inches] from the end. Couldn't figure out if it was the cast on or cast off end, so started at the hole and worked out in both directions. DD frogged the longer piece, back to the cast on, I unravelled in the other direction [slower going of course]. I don't like knitting with novelty yarns and won't buy them again but I need to use up what I have!

Then, being on a roll, I frogged two socks [UFOs - well, the second one was] back to the heel shaping - they're toe up socks and I had knitted the foot way too long for my foot. Still enthusiastic [a girl's gotta do something knit-related, eh?] I asked WM to try on a pair of socks I made several months ago and hated wearing [ooh-ah, am I allowed to say that?]; now I know why - they were too big and thus slid around on my foot while being worn! They didn't fit WM [too small] so I frogged them completely. The Tofutsies yarn is now soaking and will be hung out to to dry when I get home from work [and hopefully it will lose all those little Shirley Temple-like curls].

I also balled [by hand] and reskeined 200g of hand-dyed yarn [i.e. approx. 620m]; today my forearm is a little sore. It's obviously any repetitive activity, especially the twisting action of balling yarn, that aggravates my wrist and elbow. Maybe knitting would be kinder [she says hopefully]!


  1. The variegated is so pretty - like the knitting related activity - maybe you should invest in a swift and ball winder (I adore mine - purchased from lovely Donyale - small machine does simple job perfectly) - especially as you havew all these dyed skeins..... - it's an investment really!

  2. You have been very busy! I admire your commitment to the yarn - even when you can't knit it!

    I think it is best to frog things that aren't right. What is the point in keeping something that's not right??


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