Saturday 5 January 2008

Marquee html

If my moving text [marquee] - now in the sidebar - annoys you, please forgive me: I just learnt how to do it and I'm so proud of myself! LOL
I'm also proud of my dyeing efforts and I want to shout it to the world!
"It's my blog and I'll shout if I want to!" [sing it loud and proud]


  1. Oh, poor you with the injection. Are you okay now?

    The marquee is fine - it looks cool!

  2. Yay you - we dyed some wool fom stash yesterday - with food colouring - the kids are very proud and I've promised to knit it into hats for them!

  3. Go ahead and shout/yell/even cry a little. What are blogs for....

    Does the 6 mean that you have only done 6 skeins or have 6 to go.....

    Rest, get better, see you soon hopefully on the 25th.


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