Tuesday 8 January 2008

can't knit so I''ll do a questionnaire

I got this from Knitting ... one way to relax here! and have modified some of the questions. If you choose to copy it to your blog, please leave a comment so I can visit and learn something about you.

Are you a yarn snob? No, I knit for people I know in natural fibres but most of my charity knitting is in acrylic - it's cheaper and lighter - therefore more metres to the skein and more articles made for less $$. I don't particularly like working with novelty yarns.

Do you spin? Crochet? No. Sometimes.

How long have you been knitting? 40+ years

What other crafts do you like to do? dyeing, embroider, write, paint, folk art, scrapbooking

What are your favorite yarns to knit with? anything soft [except novelty yarns]

What are your favorite needles to knit with? I'm sure it will be my KnitPicks when I'm finally allowed to knit again

What's your favorite knitting gadget? a swift made by WM

What fibers do you absolutely NOT like? novelty yarns and baby nylon [it's soft but splits too easily]

What are your favorite items to knit? socks, lace, anything with a new technique

What are you knitting right now? Nothing, I'm not allowed to knit [frozen shoulder]. On the needles I have a pair of socks in Online supersocke Cotton, a summer cardigan made from recycled Kotton Kandy yarn, and a baby's cardigan [I've done the band for the back!]

What do you think about ponchos? I've never made one but I don't have a problem with them - I just haven't got around to it. DD [21yo] has two and I think they are practical and look good on her

Do you prefer straight or circular needles? depends what I'm working on

Are you a sock knitter? yes, toe up and cuff down - short row [hourglass] heels

How did you learn to knit? Mum taught me [right-handed even though I'm left-handed] to knit and purl but never explained that the yarn should be forward for purl so my first ribbing contained lots of yarn-overs. Everything else has been self taught.

What is -and how old is- your oldest UFO (unfinished Object)? a pair of striped knee-high socks knitted on straight needles begun in the 1970s

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