Friday 5 October 2007


cross posted and adpated from Rugz4Kidz blog

I had intended to knit a lace pattern in acrylic to lighten the weight, but the rug cried for a stranded colour pattern [in wool]!

Here's what I wrote in the book:
As you wrap this blanket around you
or snuggle under its comforting warmth
draw strength and courage from the love knitted into every stitch.
Eight knitters have worked on the rug so far and there are twelve to go.
Here's the rug spread out over two circular needles:

I'm still fairly new to this type of knitting and I'm pleased with the way the hearts turned out.


  1. very unusual. Amazing what different people think of.

  2. Love your hearts Lynne, what a good idea.


  3. Wow, this is gorgeous! Nothing is more comforting than a hand-knitted blankie! Also just remembered the one I knit for my youngest - came into the sitting room one day to find a big hole in it where big brother had cut to 'get a piece of string'... LOL! I *did* manage to fix it!


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