Friday 5 October 2007

Clapotis progress

Clapotis and I have compromised! I can knit socks providing I knit a minimum of twenty rows on her every day!

I have knitted 119 stitches in the increase section [section 2] because I'm using 8ply [not the suggested 10ply]. I possibly should have done 131 stitches, but I'd rather get more length than width and I don't know how far my 840 metres will go.

I am now up to row 60 in section 3 - the straight section - and dropped five ladders. Because I'm using pure wool, it doesn't unravel as quickly as it would in a smoother yarn - I have to unravel each stitch beyond the first five or six so it is a slow process. This is her so far [pinned out for ease of photography]:

The yarn is very pretty and the colours land randomly so I am constantly surprised by the striping in one section and the colour pooling in another. Because the whole thing will have ladders running through it, I'm not too concerned about either.

The purple is a bit more 'royal' than that - it's so hard to get the colours right!

I assume she will block into a more rectangular shape. :-0


  1. Lovely clappy!! I'm on the decrease rows and it looks so purty!!

  2. You are right about the pooling/striping - with all the dropped stitches it won't be nearly as obvious! It looks great so far!

  3. Looking good, the wool is very pretty. Keep up the good work.

  4. really, really lovely. Well done!

  5. Beautiful colour :) that's also on my todo list :)

  6. Its looking fabulous Lynne, I love how the colours are coming out. Youre racing ahead! Im in about the same place, but have too many deadline projects to get done :-(


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