Wednesday 26 September 2007

Southern Summer of Socks KAL

I've joined the Southern Summer of Socks KAL. Shouldn't be too difficult, considering my current addiction to socks! LOL

I'm also hooked on lace at the moment, so lace socks? Maybe I'll try Lacy or Fancy Feet. Anyone know any other good lace sock patterns?

My first goal is to knit a pair of toe-up socks for me. Pattern? Probably my usual basic pattern from Lynne Vogel's The Twisted Sister Sock Workbook. I may consider knitting socks on two circulars, and perhaps two socks on two circulars. I've tried both these techniques at the Guild workshops but prefer my dpns.

I have only two balls of sock yarn in my stash but yesterday I ordered Cascade Fixation in two colourways [Plum and Wisteria] so soon I'll have four! Not that the amount of sock yarn I own counts, I knitted seven pair of socks for charity in 8ply acrylic between June and August! I can almost see the end of my acrylic stash but there may be one or two more pair of socks before it's over!

I've also [jokingly] told Bells that I knit sock dolls - they are knitted on dpns, include increases, decreases and grafting [Kitchener stitch]. Like socks heels, the face and the rest of the head are knitted flat and then joined again to continue working in the round. These dolls are socks without heels!! LOL

And, if you haven't seen the SSS KAL blog, tell me please: what's your favourite sock book and why?

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  1. Try going to and their pattern archive for socks - all free and fabulous!! Best book - Socks, socks, socks - well done on the sign up!


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