Friday 28 September 2007


[edited 30 September to add photo]

Well, I've succumbed. I know I'm not the last person in the knitting world to cast on for Clapotis, but am I the last in blogland?

Anyway, I'm making 'that wrap' for a friend's 50th birthday present. Lion and Lamb was out of my budget for gifts, as was Merino et Soie. I settled on a beautiful handpainted 8ply NZ wool yarn from the Montage Collection, colourway 'Lavender'. I really liked another colourway called 'Copper' but it had a lot of orange in it, and orange is one of those colours you either love or hate, and I can't recall seeing my friend wear orange in the 27 years I've known her. The purple/blue/maroon combination of lavender is a lot safer - if she doesn't like it she can always give it back to me and I'll give her the money!

Here is one unballed 200g and one already balled - unfortunately it's not a centre pull ball! It's so difficult to take photos of purple! The red in this photo heads more towards purple than the red-brown shown in this photo.

I've joined a small Clapotis KAL [with Georgie, Tinkingbell and RoseRed] just for fun; it'll be good to share the experience with others.


  1. i haven't made one!

    Photos please!

  2. Georgie and I are having a rather loose Clapotis KAL (I'll post pictures soon) how's it going? I'm dropping stitches and quite enjoying seeing them unravel (quite a joyous feeling!)

  3. The colours in the yarn you've chosen are just stunning. I can't wait to see them coming together in your friend's Clapotis. :)

  4. me too! I just started a clapotis a couple of weeks ago, and I'm really enjoying it. Dropping those stitches intentionally is very therapeutic!

  5. Can't wait to see the work in progress. The yarn is beautiful... Lorelle

  6. I love the colours in this yarn - it will look great in a clapotis - look forward to seeing pictures of it as you knit it!


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